Anusha Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Femade.

Anusha Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Femade.

The body I was born in and the body I now have at the age of 35 are two very different things. By the time I was 14, my body started changing in ways I had not anticipated. The endometriosis taking over my body over the course of 20 years was mitigated through birth control, pain medications and surgeries – all of which are short fixes and band-aids for a much bigger issue. In my teens I was more sympathetic to the fact that endometriosis had no known cause or cure, but in my 20s and 30s I started to appreciate that endometriosis was not a focal point for governing bodies or therapeutic companies alike. Why? Because while endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women, it’s a “woman’s” disease.  Throughout these last 20 years I have gained knowledge about the disease, and strength in myself to fight for what I need. I am my own biggest advocate. As a result I have been seen by some of the most devoted specialists in the country. To get there, I had to play a game every time I spoke to a new doctor.

Short, not lengthy. Not too smart but not too dumb. Facts, not emotions.

This is my way of conforming to a medical system that has compiled facts from male driven studies and have historically excluded women, and trans individuals from clinical trials. This is not a medical system many of us can survive in. I live in pain every single day. Different kinds of pain, different locations, but it’s chronic. I have wonderful specialists looking after me, both for my endometriosis and my newly diagnosed ulcerative colitis, but at this point my life is about trial and error of various medications. My story is not unique and that is the very point. So many of us are enduring the day to day, in between medical visits and symptoms from medications.

Femade was created to help support women or anyone who identifies as such in a significant way, across Canada who are fighting chronic pain and have difficulty fighting alone. We are here to work in parallel with the medical system – the allopathic journey - to provide you with various options which may impact physical and emotional tools to increase quality of life. While the mission is clear the vision is broader: to have individuals feel less like a minority and achieve a greater quality of life through shared resources.

We are happy you found us. Now let us help you find comfort in the uncomfortable.

My story is not unique and that is the very point.
— Anusha Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Femade.