The Invisible Illness battle - #letsstarttalkingperiod

There are millions of people suffering in silence - and in pain - from invisible illness. Pain can be localized, generalized, dull, achy, stabbing or cramping. Pain can be cyclical or it can be chronic. Pain can be tolerable on some days and others its insufferable. Pain can cause shame and guilt. Pain can cause mental illness, and pain can just be too much.

Most of our invisible illness warriors are women, and some are going through transition. No matter what you recognize yourself as, you should not be responsible to carry that pain burdon on your own. It is much too heavy for one person to carry. If you know someone with invisible illness, know that they are strong on the outside but they are suffering on the inside. If you are suffering from invisible illness - including mental illness - we encourage you especially in this month of suicide prevention awareness to lean on your friends, lean on your family, lean on your health care providers, lean on your spoonie siblings. And most of all, please #letsstarttalkingperiod

Let’s break the silence about invisible illness because we cannot afford to lose more of our brothers and sisters in this fight. Help us spread awareness by using the hashtag #letsstarttalkingperiod and share your stories about invisible illness, chronic pain, mental health, reproductive stigma, and periods! Tell us your heartfelt stories and be sure to tag @femade in your post so we can praise you for everything you did today.