Want to share your passion with others?

Femade has big plans. For us to be able to execute, we need passionate professions like you to help us educate the public about the advantages of various medical and alternative therapies shown to reduce pain. For a successful launch we will be gathering feedback from Ottawa-based chronic pain sufferers to ensure we hit the mark on what is truly needed along their surgical and pharmaceutical journey. Please read the three phases below and send us a detailed email with you preferences at info@femade.ca - tell us about what gets you excited.

phase one

Femade will be reaching out to patients suffering from chronic pain for guidance on resources they have difficulty accessing today, or resources they would like to learn more about. During these sessions it will be imperative that we expose the public to the types of specialities we hope to implement in our centre. Having you speak directly to those who are in pain will be a life changing moment for them, and for us. Let us know if you are excited to be a part of this initial phase in our launch.


Femade will be hosting frequent events beginning in early 2020 where we hope to have specialists like you on board. The goal - and the true difference between phase one - will be to conduct hands-on treatments for our initial clients. Sessions will be short as it will be introductory as we gain momentum and see results. If you are looking to take part at these events let us know. There is no limit to how many events you can partake in; the more the merrier.


Our final and ultimate phase will be to open an Ottawa-based pain centre to address the needs of our clients on a full-time basis. Clients will be welcome to register for an initial consult with our specialists to address medical history - prescriptions, history of disease, family history and co-morbidities - along with family and work life, stressors and pain triggers. The consult will help us develop a long-term program catered to clients’ needs and will change as their symptoms evolve. This will require dedicated specialists in chronic pain who are eager to accompany clients throughout their journey and work alongside other professions to develop an integrated approach. If you share in our passion, please reach out!

We also know mental health is a big contributor to overall well-being. Clients will be invited to join daily support meetings as we believe the social support will always be a key driver to success and happiness. In addition, clients will be able to book one-on-one meetings with a registered psychologist should that feel more comfortable. If you are a registered psychologist (or therapist) and would like to join our team (full time/contract) please let us know.