Our Programs


phase one

Femade will be hosting two meetings in 2019. These two meetings will be instrumental in ensuring Femade hits the mark on resources previously difficult for clients to access, and resources less understood but fundamentally encouraging for those suffering from chronic pain. Stay tuned for more information on these events. If you are living in the Ottawa area and would like to receive pre-launch information please sign up.

Come on out!

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phase two

Femade will be hosting frequent events beginning in 2020 where our therapeutic specialists will conduct hands-on clinics to our clients based on an initial intake of medical history and pain points. The development of these sessions will largely be based on client input gathered during phase one. We encourage all those living with chronic pain to contact us with any questions or concerns throughout this journey.


phase three

Our final and ultimate phase will be to open an Ottawa-based pain centre to address the needs of our clients on a full-time basis. Clients will be welcome to register for an initial consult with our specialists to address medical history - prescriptions, history of disease, family history and co-morbidities - along with family and work life, stressors and pain triggers. The consult will help us develop a long-term program catered to your needs and will change as your symptoms evolve.

We also know mental health is a big contributor to overall well-being. Clients will be invited to join daily support meetings as we believe the social support will always be a key driver to success and happiness. In addition, clients will be able to book one-on-one meetings with a registered psychologist should that feel more comfortable.