Our Programs


Phase one

Femade will be launching in multiple phases as we gain more traction and raise more money. In phase one Femade will be hosting meet and greet social gatherings around the city to begin inviting potential clients to speak up about the services they deem most valuable. At these sessions we will also be inviting experts in various therapeutic fields to go over their disciplines and how they have helped their clients with chronic pain using specialized techniques. To be the first to join our meet and greet be sure to sign up below.


Phase two

Using the feedback that we gain in phase one, Femade’s goal is to host support meetings and therapeutic clinics on a more frequent basis. The frequency will primarily depend on the uptake by clients and the ability for femade to raise equity.


phase three

The final and ultimate goal for Femade is to open a centre for drop in sessions. Our vision in to occupy a fulltime space in the city with daily support meetings and access to therapeutic professionals Monday-Friday with bookings available all day.

The hope is that Femade will employee therapeutic professionals whose goal is to help mitigate pain in people suffering from chronic pain. Each client will be assessed thoroughly to build out a story of family and work life, comorbidities, prescriptions, and known stressors or traumatic life events. A variety of therapeutic methods will be employed to address which techniques demonstrate a reduction in pain. We won’t see results in just one day, but with frequent sessions and full access to our centre we can only dream of improving your quality of life.

In phase three, Femade aims to be a safe space for cis-women, transgender and non-binary individuals to talk about their pain. We understand that stress and mental health are also big players of disease. Therefore we encourage clients to join as many group sessions when they become available, and in addition, we will strive to bring on registered psychologists for one on one sessions.