Chronic pain is hard enough. Navigating your heath journey shouldn’t be too. We provide an integrated approach to reduce chronic pain and improve quality of life.


Our Mission

To provide women and those who identify as such in a significant way access to pain therapies in parallel to allopathic medicine.

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Our Programs

Chronic pain is a sign the body is under stress. To better understand how to target the pain (symptom) and the illness (root cause), our approach is to look at the body as a whole. We consider family history, diet, and co-morbidities which all play a role in chronic pain. What we offer is personalized treatment that will evolve over time as symptoms change. Our program will employ various techniques working together - in parallel with your allopathic journey - to help reduce pain and increase quality of life. Each client is also invited to join social support through our group meetings, or one-on-one support with our counsellors.

Femade has very large goals. As such our programs will be released in three phases.




Our Vision

To see even the slightest improvement in quality of life from people who once thought they had to give it all up due to chronic pain.

march 21, 2018

It was also in that moment that I realized I could overcome anything.

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We’ve got a lot of work to do. If you are serious about working for a pain centre that will change the way we address chronic pain, be sure to sign up under one of the categories below. Just need some more information or want to share your thoughts? You are always welcome to send us an email at info@femade.ca.


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